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With nature and unusual subjects as a palette, and 17th century curiosity cabinets as inspiration, Art de Lion creates contemporary and fascinating composite photos. These works are characterised by a feeling for colour and texture combinations and a high level of detail. They are divided into two groups, called ‘Les Merveilles naturelles’ and ‘Les Cabinets de Curiosités'.

The most diverse natural subjects and curiosities needed for this are gathered from all around the world and selected with passion and love for their properties such as colour, shape and texture. Minerals, shells, corals, skeletons, insects, birds, rostrums, orchids, fossils, crystal skulls, antlers, tsantsas – objects that are mysterious, fascinating, wonderful or just simply beautiful. Art de Lion always searches for perfect subjects and strives to show natural objects the way nature created them.



Les Merveilles naturelles


For the realisation of ‘Les Merveilles naturelles’, only natural objects are used. These are, if needed, prepared and mounted in the right way, and are photographed and freed of their environment. In this, extra attention is paid to the beauty and architecture of flora and fauna. It’s something that, in today’s busy existence, is often overlooked. The individual elements are finally brought together, with an intriguing, often kaleidoscopic image of the natural world around us as the result.

Les Cabinets de Curiosités

For the creation of ‘Les Cabinets de Curiosités', Art du Lion sometimes combines natural objects with rare or unusual items like antiques thus creating a unique version of the old curiosity cabinets.




In the beauty of nature lies
the spirit of hope.