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All works by Art du Lion are presented as a real photo print under crystal-clear acrylic glass with an Alu-Dibond backing and aluminum mounting system. In order to guarantee exclusivity, limited print runs are used. Each work is numbered and signed on the back by the artist, unless stated otherwise.



High-end photo print


For the production of the art works, real photo printing is used. The image is exposed on Fujicolor‚Äôs highest-quality photo paper, ‚ÄėFuji Crystal DP II‚Äô, and developed according to traditional photochemical development techniques.



-        This kind of photo paper has very broad range of colour reproduction
-        Colour-fast for at least 75 years and high-gloss
-        Razor-sharp details



Acrylic glass


The photos are sealed with great precision under a polished acrylic glass plate. This is done with durable, elastic silicone, without dust or air bubbles. Thereafter, all the sides are precisely cutfi. Art du Lion has chosen to use glossy acrylic glass with a thickness of 4 mm for a luxurious appearance and maximum depth. Upon request, a different thickness and/or a matte finish (max thickness 2 mm) can be used in the production.



-        High-contrast
-        Clear display
-        Lighter and stronger than traditional glass
-        Protects against pollution and to a high degree against UV







The glass with the photo behind it is then placed on a solid support plate, called Alu-Dibond. This 3 mm thick backing consists of 2 platinum-white aluminum plates around a polyethylene core.


-        Maximum stability
-        Lightweight
-        Unwanted distortion practically impossible



Mounting systeem


The Alu-Dibond backing is finally fitted with an aluminum mounting system. This consists of a rectangular-shaped rail that is mounted in parallel around all the sides.


-        Easy and straightforward to hang
-        Strong and safe attachment
-        The work appears to float in front of the wall, as it were



The combination of the high-end photo print with the crystal-clear acrylic glass
and the Alu-Dibond backing ensures a beautiful, lasting,

high-quality product that you are sure to enjoy for a long time!