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Sander van Leeuwen (1972) became fascinated by beauty and nature at an early age. While his peers collected tadpoles, Sander had more of an eye for gigantic Goliath beetles and a hollowed out Coco de mer in the window display of the antique shop. Thanks to his parents, he had already seen much of the world as a teenager, and got a good impression of the great diversity of flora and fauna.

As a child, Sander began collecting nature’s beauty. First seashells, then minerals and lateron anything that had to do with nature and was wonderful, interesting, unusual or rare. His first collected object he got at six years old from his uncle in Australia: a 36-cm seashell, Melo miltonis (Griffith & Pidgeon, 1834), which is still among the largest in his collection.

Next to collecting, Sander painted throughout his life on linen, but after his education as a graphic designer and years of experience with graphics programs, expressing his creativity digitally was a natural step for Sander. The canvas was traded in for the digital medium. The knowledge gained from programs now offered him the ability to bring together his natural objects and curiosities in large, unusual composite photos. With modern means, he brings attention to nature in a unique form and reality.

Sander works in almost 1300-year-old, picturesque Megen in The Netherlands, but he finds his inspiration and the material for his compositions in the most unlikely and far corners of the world.

He is a perfectionist, creates with pixel precision and is not easily pleased. These characteristics together with Sander’s love of design and fascination with nature form the ideal combination for his artwork. His feeling for design combined with an eye for natural beauty flow together in Art du Lion!



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