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The antique curiosity cabinet was filled with amazing, mostly natural objects that were collected by human effort. It was the forerunner of the natural history museum and was primarily used to interest friends and acquaintances in the unusual. Art du Lion brings you, among other things, a modern version of this curiosity cabinet that fits into both modern and classic interiors. With the great variety of natural objects and curiosities used, you will definitely intrigue your friends too.



The price of each work depends on the size, the execution and the print run. The standard is a production with 4 mm glossy acrylic glass and a 3 mm Alu-Dibond backing with mounting system, unless stated otherwise. By request, matte acrylic glass and different thickness can be used.



How can I pay?

At Art du Lion, you can pay with a bank transfer or by Paypal.


What is the delivery time, and how is my purchase delivered?

For delivery within the Netherlands, you can expect a delivery time of about two weeks after the receipt of your payment. When it is possible, the artist will deliver the work to you personally at an agreed-upon date and time. In other cases, like if an artwork has to be shipped abroad, the work will be delivered by courier.


I am interested in purchasing an artwork. What now?

If you want to purchase a work, you can contact us by telephone or send an e-mail. On the basis of your preferences concerning the execution of an artwork in size and finish, and the method of delivery, Art du Lion will send you a total price by e-mail or will refer to a dealer.


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